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Equinox  Blue

The lamp is made of 20 equilateral triangle faces making an icosahedron shape. The lamp gleams metallic patterns when sat in its natural form but when the sun shines onto the lamp, many colours will appear, projecting behind the lamp. The best time of course is when the lamp is illuminated at night as the magic really comes to life with colourful fractures of horizontal and vertical lines across the ceiling and surround walls. A wonderful zen lamp or boutique lighting to sparkle up any bell tent or yurt

The brilliant colours that project from the lamps are accentuated by their setting within the lamp it’s self and your chosen space influences the colour shift, which you will enjoy. We use a twisted vintage cable to power each lamp with switch – all of which operate on low energy, environmentally friendly bulbs.

Sustainable wood base

Height 27cm

Width: 24 cm

Bulb type: LED (low energy)

Here in the UK, we run on 220 volts. Not all countries work the same. This is not a big issue as we supply the correct plug and bulb fittings globally, just bare this in mind if it’s a gift.

Each lamp takes 7-14 days to create, once ready, you will receive an email from DHL.

All shipping is by DHL taking 1-4 days

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