Each lamp is made to order, processing time 7-14 days depending on the volume of work but if it’s urgent, do get in touch and let us know as sometimes we have some in stock. Once the lamp is ready, International shipping takes 5 working days, UK 2 working days.


How far do the projections of colour reach?  Where best to position the light?

Depending on the size, the smaller range lamps (27-37cm) height will reach 8ft (2.5-3m) in definition and then starts to soften out

The medium size lamps (40-45cm) height will reach 9.8/13ft (3-4m) in definition and then starts to soften out

Our larger floor lamps standing 60cm in height will reach 18-21ft (5.5-6.5m) in definition and then starts to soften out

For the ultimate effects to see the colours in their vibrant state, all walls and ceilings should be white. No other light source to be illuminated in the same room. Wait till nightfall’s, switch on your lamp and see the magic come to life. To get a bigger impact, move the lamp away from the wall, then the patterns become much bigger and softer. When closer to a wall, the colourful projections will become smaller, more crisp and detailed. The bigger the lamp, the larger the lights project, Giving amazing colours waves, this is due to the light source is further away from inside the lamp itself.


What bulb will I receive with my lamp?

All lamps come with an LED (Low energy, environmentally friendly) bulb. The life span for these is 15,000 hours” Roughly 10 years give or take”. You can contact us to order a new bulb once yours has ended its shelf life.


Returns and refunds

We do offer returns for good reason but must be within the 30 days of purchase. We don’t accept returns on bespoke customer made orders.


Will I receive an email and tracking number when my item ships?

Absolutely. You will receive an email when your item ships. All international orders will arrive within 5 working days, UK 1-2 working days, through DHL postal express service.


Do you ship internationally?

YES! Shipping is FREE


Do you do custom designs or commissions?



What are the materials used to make your lamps?

Our desktop lamps, floor standing lamps and Pendant lights are made from sustainable birch wood, stained in a dark teak finish.

Our outdoor lighting is made from plexiglass also known as Perspex or acrylic. These are weather resistant to all seasons and powered by solar lighting, making them very adaptable and easy to move around. We do also supply bases for the outdoor lighting to be used for indoor use on request.


Can I use the lights outside?

Only the plexiglass lights for outdoor use unless the weather is warm but not humid and not to be left out overnight.


I live outside the UK. Will the lights work with my voltage?