Amberlights and its Creative Director Amber Stefani is fast becoming a recognised contemporary installation artist with a unique take on the use of light by both day and night. Amberlights create works of art that hold their own as a fixed installation with beautifully crafted construction, subtly reflecting ambient light during the day through coloured filament and semi opaque surfaces. These pieces then spring into a second life as light installations (as the natural light falls) using projected light that becomes integral to the work.

O U T  O F  T H E  C O C O O N

My newest seated lighting installation created for the Summer Lights event taking place at Canary Wharf estate from 21st June – 31st October 2021

This design had many influences but I always have sustainability in mind. I am so thrilled to say this project is powered by solar power, something I have wanted to do for many years.

This beautiful giant stands 3 meters tall x 2 meters in width per wing making the installation 4.2 meters wide. The material of the wings is made from 25mm thick Perspex panels (shatter proof industrial acrylic) a greener environmentally made Perspex by Lucite, with a layer of rainbow film applied, giving an iridescent rainbow spectrum of colour waves

S E E D  O F  L I F E

Standing at 2.8 meters tall and 2.4 wide, the dome-like installation is made from 20mm thick interlocking multi-coloured Plexiglass panels that have been laser cut in an intricate, symmetrical design based on the Seed of Life.  Each of the 11 pentagon-shaped panels is bolted into a solid steel frame. The steel frame gives the dome weight and stability.  The panels are laser cut and these perforations allow wind to travel through and rain to disperse onto the ground, making the installation suitable and safe for outdoor display. During the day, the Seed of Life twinkles with a metallic rainbow spectrum of colours created by reflections and refractions of daylight on the coloured Plexiglass.  At night, the lights inside the installation illuminate the dome and then transforms into a giant iridescent kaleidoscope of colour waves and patterns.

As It is an interactive light feature, their is an opening at ground level to allow people to enter the dome, including wheelchair access.

Once you step inside, you become mesmerised in a kaleidoscopic effect of vibrant colours and patterns, reflecting and refracting off one another, switching through a metallic and iridescent rainbow spectrum as you move around inside. The sculpture is a solid structure which can be placed in any environment and will withstand all weather conditions.

Interactive art is a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose. Some interactive art installations achieve this by letting the observer or visitor “walk” in, on, and around them; some others ask the artist or the spectators to become part of the artwork. What do you think of when you hear about interactive art–does the meaning of the term seem obvious? As it turns out, ironically, the more art grows and redefines itself, the vaguer its definition becomes. This is what makes people question contemporary art from time to time, especially when it rises above conventional art forms and relies on the audience to follow up. It is precisely this confidence in human response that lies at the core of interactive ar

Amber graduated with a BA in Textiles in 2014, and since then has built up a sound customer base for her interior lighting for homes, yoga spaces and any kind of meditation space in the lighting business, ‘Amberlights’. She is now specialising in transformative exterior lighting at public and private events.  In January 2018, Amber showcased her first giant interactive sensory lighting sculpture known as the ‘Seed of Life: Dazzling Dodecahedron’ at the award winning Winter Lights Canary Wharf, London, featuring in five national newspapers.  She then went on to other public events, which had a great success at Nottingham Light Night 2018, Weird and Wonderful 2018, Curious Yellow Sculpture Garden 2018, Light Night Leeds 2018 and Enchanted Audley End House and Gardens 2018.  Taking a year out in 2019 due to being a new mum, she is now back in the public eye and has been asked back to London Canary Wharf Summer Lights 2021.

We hire this out to all kinds of events, from private parties as the main centrepiece, a beautiful meditation at yoga spaces to open air public lighting events.

All walks of life can enter including wheel chair access. The adults love it just as much as the children do.

We are touring around the UK but soon to hopefully tour over seas. To keep tabs on our whereabouts, click on our events page to see where we are next.

If you have a magical event in mind, then lets connect