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C I R C L E   O F   L I F E

This is our medium size lamp range, projecting more beautifully and bigger vibrant colour wave in magenta pinks, golden yellows and sunset orange. We also do this in a aqua colour wave called Ocean Breeze.

The flower of life represents the universe, and each of the circles represents a part of the world so this one design is named the Circle of Life. Many cultures and civilizations around the world consider the flower of life motif to be very powerful since the dawn of time. Also, the flower of life brings together all the essential elements to the construction of the universe and widely considered as the basis of all forms of life. The flower of life is used in religious or meditation spaces. Studying the meaning of the flower of life would make it easier to concentrate.

The lamp stands beautifully on its own as a day-to-day furniture piece with a metallic gleam to the pattern, when the sun shines onto surface, many colours will appear, creating a tranquil atmosphere, but the real magic comes to life at night. Watch the lamp change colour, according to the angle from which you viewing from. A wonderful Zen lamp for yoga spaces, studios or to light up any dull space and be transformed into an aura of colours waves.



Sustainable wood base

Height: 47 cm

Width: 25 x 25 cm

Bulb type: LED  (low energy)

No glass is involved

⭐All our lamps work in all countries so no need to supply any kind of electrical components and all lamps come with a led bulb⭐

Each lamp is made to order unless stated READY TO SHIP, processing time 7-10 days but it’s worth sending us an email as we usually have one in stock

Free shipping to all customers, 3-6 working days once the lamp is ready

From our colourful galaxy to yours

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