A little bit about me and Amberlights

Art & Lighting Combined, made into interactive designs

With fantastic support from creative parents, I’ve always had a natural curiosity in energetic art. I’m inspired by direct impression, representational images from nature and stained glass objects found throughout history.

Creative Practice

My work is constantly adapting and evolving in different materials and still trying to keep as sustainable and eco friendly as possible. All our lighting is run on LED, the wood we use is locally sourced and the plexiglass, which we use, is becoming greener as times are moving more towards a cleaner environment.

We try to use up all our left over materials to upcycle into a new creative project and if we can’t, we make sure other creative individuals make use of our waste which has become new works of art of there own.

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Still experimenting with new technologies in art and design, my love of drawing fine detailed works by hand, has not diminished; as this is the basis of my creativity.